Missouri Directory of Museums, Aquariums & Zoos

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Missouri, Sedalia
Daum Museum of Contemporary Art

Daum Museum of Contemporary Art sheds light on the stimulating complexity of modern and contemporary art by collecting, preserving, interpreting, and exhibiting artworks created since the mid-20th century. In concert with the faculty and students of State Fair Community College, the Daum works to enhance the cultural and educational life of the college, the city of Sedalia, and the 14-county area of central Missouri that comprises its primary audience. The core of the Museum is the permanent collection comprised of abstract paintings, drawings, prints, works in clay and sculpture created since the mid-20th century. The permanent collection also includes those significant precursors that are a vital link to refining the scope of the collection and to enhancing the Museum's educational importance. The Museum permanent collection was built through gifts and selected purchases. The study collection is compromised of those examples valued as instructional resources.

Web: www.daummuseum.org Email: info@daummuseum.org Phone: 660-530-5888

Address: 3201 West 16th Street, Sedalia, Missouri


Missouri, Altenburg
Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum
: www.altenburgmuseum.org Email: carlataylorjordan@msn.com Phone: 573-824-6070

Address: 75 Church St., Altenburg, Missouri


Missouri, Bloomfield
Stars & Stripes Museum/Library
: www.starsandstripesmuseumlibrary.org Email: stripes@newwavecomm.net Phone: 573-568-2055

Address: 17377 Stars and Stripes Way, Bloomfield, Missouri


Missouri, Branson
The World's Largest Toy Museum
: www.worldslargesttoymuseum.com Email: ronhoward640@gmail.com Phone: 417-332-1499

Address: 3609 W. Hwy 76, Branson, Missouri


Missouri, Cape Girardeau
Cape River Heritage Museum
: www.caperiverheritagemuseum.com Email: info@caperiverheritagemuseum.com Phone: 573-334-0405

Address: 538 Independence, Cape Girardeau, Missouri


Missouri, Chillicothe
Grand River Historical Society Museum
: www.chillicothemuseum.com Email: visitors@chillicothemuseum.com Phone: 660-646-1341

Address: 1401 Forest Drive, Chillicothe, Missouri


Missouri, Clinton
Henry County Museum and Historical Societ
: henrycountymuseum.org Email: hcmus1@centurylink.net Phone: 660-885-8414

Address: 203 W. Franklin St., Clinton, Missouri


Missouri, Columbia
Museum of Art & Archaeology
: maa.missouri.edu Email: museumuser@missouri.edu Phone: 573-882-3591

Address: 1 Pickard Hall, Univ of Mo, Columbia, Missouri


Missouri, Doniphan
Current River Heritage Museum
: www.doniphanmissouri.org
Email: lynnmaples@doniphanmissouri.org

Address: 101 Washington, Doniphan, Missouri


Missouri, Fayette
The Stephens Museum
: www.centralmethodist.edu/cmmuseum/history.html Email: delliott@centralmethodist.edu Phone: 660-248-6370

Address: Central Methodist University, Fayette, Missouri


Missouri, Fulton
National Churchill Museum
: www.nationalchurchillmuseum.org Email: Rob.Havers@churchillmemorial.org Phone: 573-592-5234

Address: 501 Westminster Ave, Fulton, Missouri


Missouri, Grandview
The Human Trafficking Museum
: www.exoduscry.com Email: info@exoduscry.com Phone: 816-784-0449

Address: 801 Main Street, Grandview, Missouri


Missouri, Jefferson City
Missouri State Museum
: www.missouristatemuseum.com Email: linda.endersby@dnr.mo.gov Phone: 573-751-2854

Address: 201 W. Capitol Ave., Jefferson City, Missouri


Missouri, Jefferson City
Museum of Missouri Military History
: www.moguard.com/moguard-museum-of-missouri-military-history.html Email: charles.machon@us.army.mil Phone: 573-638-9603

Address: 2302 Militia Drive, Jefferson City, Missouri


Missouri, Kansas City
Arabia Steamboat Museum
: www.1856.com Email: david.hawley@1856.com Phone: 816-471-4030

Address: 400 Grand Ave, Kansas City, Missouri


Missouri, Kansas City
Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center and State Museum
: www.kcmo.org/pardks.nsf/web/watkins Email: jesse.barnes@kcmo.org Phone: 816-513-0700

Address: 3700 Blue Pkway, Kansas City, Missouri


Missouri, Kansas City
Kansas City Museum
: www.unionstation.org/KansasCityMuseum Email: cleitch@unionstation.org Phone: 816-483-8300

Address: 2300 Main, Ste 130, Kansas City, Missouri


Missouri, Kansas City
Toy & Miniature Museum
: www.toyandminiaturemuseum.org Email: berryja@umkc.edu Phone: 816-235-8000

Address: 5235 Oak St, Kansas City, Missouri


Missouri, Kirksville
Still National Osteopathic Museum and International Center for Osteopathic
: www.atsu.edu/museum Email: museum@atsu.edu Phone: 660-626-2359

Address: 800 W. Jefferson, Kirksville, Missouri


Missouri, Linn Creek
Camden County Museum
: www.camdencountymuseum.com Email: staff@camdencountymuseum.com Phone: 573-346-7191

Address: 206 South Locust Street, Linn Creek, Missouri


Missouri, Lone Jack
Civil War Museum of Jackson Co
: www.historiclonejack.org Email: president@historiclonejack.org Phone: 816-805-1815

Address: P.O. Box 34, Lone Jack, Missouri


Missouri, Malden
Malden Historical Museum
: www.maldenmuseum.com Email: maldenmuseum@gmail.com Phone: 573-276-5008

Address: 201 North Beckwith, Malden, Missouri


Missouri, Maysville
DeKalb Co Historical Museum
: missouridchs.com Email: dchs467@yahoo.com Phone: 816-449-5451

Address: PO Box 467, Maysville, Missouri


Missouri, Nevada
Bushwhacker Museum & Jail
: www.bushwhacker.org Email: bushwhackerjail@sbcglobal.net Phone: 417-667-9602

Address: 212 W. Walnut St, Nevada, Missouri


Missouri, Pineville
McDonald County Historical Museum
: www.mcdonaldcohistory.org/museum.htm
Email: info@mcdonaldcohistory.org

Address: 302 Harmon Street, Pineville, Missouri


Missouri, Saint Joseph
Glore Psychiatrc Museum/St. Joseph Museums, Inc
: www.stjosephmuseum.org Email: Jackie@stjosephmuseum.org Phone: 800-530-8866

Address: 3406 Frederick Avenue, Saint Joseph, Missouri


Missouri, Savannah
Andrew County Museum
: www.andrewcountymuseum.org Email: acmuseum@stjoelive.com Phone: 816-324-4720

Address: 202 East Duncan Drive, Savannah, Missouri


Missouri, Sedalia
Daum Museum of Contemporary Art
: www.daummuseum.org Email: info@daummuseum.org Phone: 660-530-5888

Address: 3201 West 16th Street, Sedalia, Missouri

Missouri, Shelbina
Shelby Co Historical Museum
: shelby.mogenweb.org Email: museumshelbycomo@centurytel.net Phone: 573-588-0245

Address: 107 S Center St., Shelbina, Missouri


Missouri, Springfield
Railroad Historical Museum INC.
: www.rrhistoricalmuseum.zoomshare.com Email: rrhistoricalmuseum@zoomshare.com Phone: 417-883-5319

Address: 1300 North Grant St., Springfield, Missouri


Missouri, St Louis
Eugene Field House & Museum
: www.eugenefieldhouse.org Email: info@eugenefieldhouse.org Phone: 314-421-4689

Address: 634 South Broadway, St Louis, Missouri


Missouri, St Louis
Holocaust Museum & Learning Ctr
: www.hmlc.org Email: Jcavender@jfedstl.org Phone: 314-432-0020

Address: 12 Millstone Campus Dr, St Louis, Missouri


Missouri, St Louis
Saint Louis Art Museum
: www.slam.org Email: publicrelations@slam.org Phone: 314-721-0072

Address: One Fine Arts Drive Forest Par, St Louis, Missouri


Missouri, St Louis
Soldiers Memorial Military Mus
: www.stlsoldiersmemorial.org Email: magnusonl@stlouiscity.com Phone: 314-622-4550

Address: 1315 Chestnut, St Louis, Missouri


Missouri, St Louis
Washington U Museum of Art
: kemperartmuseum.wustl.edu Email: karenbutler@wustl.edu Phone: 314-935-4523

Address: One Brookings Dr, St Louis, Missouri


Missouri, St. James
Rosati Winery Museum
: www.rosatiwinerymuseum.com Email: dmendeznorth@lycos.com Phone: 573-265-3000

Address: 22050 State Route KK, St. James, Missouri


Missouri, St. Louis
Association of Midwest Museums
: www.midwestmuseums.org
Email: rdrochter@midwestmuseums.org

Address: PO Box 11940, St. Louis, Missouri


Missouri, Westphalia
Westphalia Historical Soc Mus
: www.whs65085.org Email: whs65085@yahoo.com Phone: 573-455-9920

Address: PO Box 244, Westphalia, Missouri